Discourse Meetup, San Francisco (again), Monday, 21 October

(Jorge Castro) #1

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Canonical is coming to SFO to do a developer sprint to work on Ubuntu. Since we have the rooms booked already I figured this might be a good time to have a Discourse Meetup and talk about how we’re using Discourse and how we can help managing it in the cloud be awesome®. Also if you’re like me and missed the first meetup you can make up for lost time.


(subject to change, blah blah)

7:00 - 7:45 - Jeff Atwood - (title tbd)
7:45 - 8:00 - Break/Mingle
7:45 - 8:30 - Marco Ceppi - Deploying Discourse (lessons learned)
8:30 - ??? - Hangout/Mingle in the hotel bar or a local restaurant or something?

Other topics?

  • @routelastresort 's done some Ansible work around Discourse and we’d like to start getting those of us working in the ecosystem to start stealing more from each other and leveraging work. Maybe we could have a discussion about that.
  • @victor_bitnami - You guys want to drop by?
  • What do people want to talk about?
  • If you’re running ubuntu server and need help deploying Discourse we can probably give you a hand, bring your laptop!

Location and Venue

We’ll have fast wireless and coffee.

How to Attend

  • Reply to this post that you’re coming!

(John Deatherage) #2

I’ll be there (just noticed that AnsibleFest is the next day). I have work done in Ansible, and now Chef… since:

  • Ruby-friendly, from rbenv/rvm to testing
  • there’s still room for more Chef work (opscode community cookbook, separate from
  • devs can help w/ test logic and learn automation

No knock on Ansible (which is awesome); Chef just fits in better with future CI/CD/TDD/etc.

I’m down for any pre-meetup discussions, hack sessions, drinking, etc. Edit: I’d love to talk about Juju and MAAS (just trying w/Juju now) outside the meetup :smile:

(Andy Hayden) #3

I’d be really interested in popping along to this.

Do you have a deal on parking, or is it the standard price on their website? If anyone wants to share a ride from/to SF I can drive.

(Jorge Castro) #4

Dang, totally forgot to ask about parking so it’s standard rate. I’ll see if I can work something out though!

(John Deatherage) #5

I’m willing to carpool in + out, especially if you’re not coming from the peninsula or South Bay :smile:


(Jeff Atwood) #6

Oh geez I totally forgot about the Bart strike. This is gonna be brutal.

(Andy Hayden) #7

Sheesh, it will be brutal.

I’d be coming from the city, North Beach, @routelastresort… I guess setting off early is key! :s

(Andy Hayden) #8

@jorge_castro any word on parking?

(Jorge Castro) #9

The hotel isn’t going to be validating parking, sorry, they’re not budging on that. I’d be happy to chip in a few bucks though!

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Reverse commute, was not nearly as bad as expected. Hanging out with the Ubuntu folks now, talking about how much we love phpBB and vBulletin.

(Jeff Atwood) #11