Discourse Menu in Custom Header

(Michael Beljaars) #1


I have a question involving integrating the Discourse menu (All Catagories - Latest - New - Unread - Top - Catagories, plus the New Topic button) in a custom header. I have copied the code of this menu into my custom header, but the fold out menu of All Catagories and the popup of New Topic don’t function anymore. I am fairly new to Discourse, but have quite a good grasp on css and html. Can anyone tell me why it isn’t working and what to do to solve it? I have searched this forum for similar topics, but I haven’t come across this one. Thanks!


(Simon Cossar) #2

I’m assuming you’ve copied the contents of templates/navigation/default.hbs into header.hbs. What you are doing is moving Ember components into a different view. You can do it but you have to figure out how to get them the values they are asking for (categories, navItems, filterMode, canCreateTopic…). If you really want to do it you’ll have to get a bit of a background in how Ember works.