Discourse migration images issue

(Awrelll) #1

I just moved my discourse instance on a subdomain and now all my images are not displayed because of the bad links.
Is there any way to “batch” update image links so they can be correctly displayed ?
My ex domain.com diplayed the discourse and now it’s forum.mydomain.com
Thanks in advance :smile:

(Jens Maier) #2

Did you follow the howto? :smile:

The last step, remap & rebake, should have fixed the image links.

(Awrelll) #3

Hey, thanks for your reply. It seems it’s now working for me, when i try a remap i get this error “discourse: command not found” and when trying to rebake “root@install:/var/discourse# rake posts:rebake
rake aborted!
No Rakefile found (looking for: rakefile, Rakefile, rakefile.rb, Rakefile.rb)”

Any clues ?

(Kane York) #4

You need to ./launcher enter app first :wink:

(Awrelll) #5

I did that first! that returned “root@install:/var/discourse# ./launcher enter app
WARNING: No swap limit support
nsenter: neither filename nor target pid supplied for ns/ipc”

(Kane York) #6

Oh, try ./launcher ssh app then, I think that means it failed.

Actually, is the forum actually running? It needs to be running to do this stuff.

(Awrelll) #7

still no luck, same errors :frowning: