Discourse moderation questions

I’m hosting on DigitalOcean. I also had Flarum installed, I didn’t do it myself. Flarum kind of sucks. Regular users can delete their own thread. Kind of. Image upload isn’t able to be disabled without going into the code somewhere and editing something.

I’d like to know if most things are ready for full heavy moderation already or do I need to upload some plugins?

I want to be able to approve all threads and replies and posts. No images.

You can review all topics and posts.

It doesn’t look like you can disabled embedded images altogether, but since you’re already moderating everything, you can just tell people not to and not approve their post and then ban them and their IP address if they do that.

I recommend that you create a new droplet for the forum rather than trying to un-install flarum.


I don’t want to disable images. Just the upload of ones locally. I already have a separate thing for Flarum and Ghost.

My other question is does Discourse handle it’s own mail or does it need a SMTP something?

See How to install Discourse in production.