Discourse Narrative Bot Alpha Feedback

(Sam Saffron) #113

I wonder if the toolbar is a crutch we should eliminate for the basic narrative lesson

This has tons of advantages and extreme parity with mobile

Simply remove the toolbar during the lesson

For example people will not learn about ‘:’ autocompletion and will automatically reach for toolbar which is a shame :sadpanda:

(Jeff Atwood) #114

The toolbar option is not a problem on desktop, laptop or iPad in any way, but it is a showstopper on mobile.

All I can think of is “uh, press ENTER a few times so you can actually see the toolbar if that is how you roll”

(Sam Saffron) #115

It’s a problem in that it misses an opportunity to teach people how to operate without it

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #116

I’m not advocating for the toolbar on mobile.

That is all.

That’s Slack on Desktop, isn’t it? I’m not seeing any formatting tooltips whatsoever on mobile. I’d love to know how often people who post via mobile actually format anything, but I’m guessing that’s not an easy statistic to retrieve.

I’m not interested in arguing back and forth on this any further. At this point all I want is data. Not for the purposes of this disagreement, but the Narrative experience in general. Because if we see that a majority of users finish the tutorial no problem, my point is moot; we might as well be throwing a formatting lesson in there since it doesn’t appear to be slowing anyone down. But if we see something like a 5% completion rate, it’s time to revisit every step and reconsider what can be simplified or even cut, and at that point this discussion will have some significance again.

(Jeff Atwood) #117

Simply log in as admin and view discobot user page messages tab

Other than the mobile toolbar issue I am not aware of anyone getting stuck on that step.

20 replies is about the full sequence after removing the internal link step.

(Tobias Eigen) #125

Some more things I noticed:

  • it occurs to me that discobot replaces the existing introduction message. So really that welcome message should be disabled if discobot is enabled. otherwise you end up with multiple actions being requested from the user at the same time.
  • it makes no sense to engage with discobot by email, so the “default email mailing list mode” should be disabled, or suppressed for discobot messages. (it also looks a little unserious to get an email about unicorns, while talking about unicorns via the PM on discourse is ok, I think)

I’m assuming the translation will happen as usual with transifex. So my hope is to not have to customize the answers and bot commands on my own site.

(Alan Tan) #175

Yup this is still a work in progress and I intentionally hid the command.

One thing I noticed today based on my review of new users interactions on try.discourse.org is that you can potentially add alot of junk to the forum by spamming discobot because we always roll back the rate limit. To prevent this, I’ll be adding logic to the code such that we stop rolling back the rate limit once you’ve interacted with the bot more than 3 times at each stage.

(Tobias Eigen) #180

I tried out the narrative bot on try again today, and am really liking it! Looking forward to turning this on sometime soon! :rocket:

Only two bits of feedback:

  • the capybara step is still a bit weird and I think many people will get stuck. I got stuck briefly on it myself, since searching for capybara didn’t work until I selected “search this topic”. It’s not a topic though but a message? Meanwhile, I think capybara is a weird word. Why not just use a word like cat that is easy to spell? Needs some more testing on real people.
  • Awkward sentence in the advanced tutorial. Should be changed to something like “After spending time in the community for a while”.

Great job! Once you’re stucked around in the community long enough, you’ll be able to edit posts which other users have created.

(Mittineague) #181

Would it be easy enough to have a “fail once - show hint” type of thing similar to the “check your message” highlight?

:lol: Capybara isn’t “weird” to me.

  • an animal native to South America
  • a Ruby Gem :gem:

(Tobias Eigen) #182

Heh. You’re sort of supporting my point with what you’re saying. Not everyone in the world is familiar with Capybaras. I for one heard of them for the first time via the discourse narrative bot. And I’ve been around, though admittedly not yet to Latin America. Maybe many of you heard of it for the first time via the ruby project.

Anyhoo, bikeshedding and all that. I think it’s quite cool to learn about this animal, but I don’t think educating folks about animals is really the purpose of the narrative bot. Maybe you guys want to ask around to see if more people haven’t heard of this animal before. Or just use a :heart_eyes_cat:.

(Mittineague) #183

AFAIK the decision to use capybara was in part made so that it would be extremely unlikely to be found in a search. That is, it is intentionally an uncommon word that would not be found in any real posts.

(Sam Saffron) #184


(Jeff Atwood) #185

See, this is the problem Discourse set out to solve: to educate everyone about Capybaras!

(Robert McIntosh) #192

Love the bot - just a couple of minor bits of feedback:

  1. When I was running through the process and got to the “Flag as inappropriate” it was not clear what I should do exactly. I chose the first option (to reply to the user in a message), but that obviously was not correct and so the process stopped until I flagged it to the admins … THEN …

  2. Going back to flag to admins I got a message of “you are posting too quickly, please wait a while” which I imagine could flummox or frustrate more experienced users who are racing through the process (like me). Was this only for the double flagging, or to do with total responses?

Otherwise, the process is great (and fun), though I imagine it would need to be customised to my own user’s interests & location (UK) and I look forward to seeing how that is done

(Christoph) #193

I like the narrative bot and I’m curious to see it work in a real life scenario. Thanks to everyone who contributed to it.

Challenge: How to best combine the bot with the traditional system welcome message? Currently, if you have them both enabled, the bot narrative doesn’t work so well at the beginning because it assumes that there is only one PM in the user’s inbox.

The quick fix, is of course to disable the welcome PM as suggested previously:

But I think the welcome PM has it’s place in user onboarding even when the bot is enabled, at least when it is edited to complement the bot and deal with some more community specific questions (while the bot covers the technicalities of discourse). In particular, the welcome message is crucial for those forums where new users are encouraged to take specific actions, such as signing up to a group or introducing themselves. So how can the bot and the welcome PM coexist?

I had several options in mind when I started writing this post, but now I forgot all but one because I think that one is probably the ideal solution: How about letting the narrative bot plugin delay the delivery of the system welcome PM until a minute or so after the user has read the discobot message?

(Jeff Atwood) #194

It’s one or the other. We have zero plans to support both.

That said, if one is enabled the other should be force-disabled as well.

(Alan Tan) #199

Hmm I’m not sure what you mean here. Where are you looking to resuse your text content snippet and how is it related to the custom onboarding message? :thinking:

This has already been built :slight_smile:

Right now any post’s content that matches the reset trigger will trigger the bot’s response. It doesn’t have to be

@discobot new user track


@discobot please start the new user track for me

will work too.

(Christoph) #201

For example in an email template. Or the FAQ. Or some other post.

I am delighted :confetti_ball:
Now, the reason I did not see it despite looking, is that I searched for new_user_narrative, assuming that that would give me all text elements specific to the new user narrative. That was obvioussly not the case. Or will the timeout message also be used in other tracks? In that case: is there a way of adding conditional text to the timeout message à la “if new_user_track”, then include this snippet"?[quote=“tgxworld, post:199, topic:52132”]
Right now any post’s content that matches the reset trigger will trigger the bot’s response.

What I meant was to give admins the possibility to say: If the user sends a message to the bot that contains the word “help” (<== customizable), the bot should respond “I’m afraid I can’t help you with that. Why don’t you contact @admin” (<== customizable).

(Jeff Atwood) #211

(Jeff Atwood) #212