Discourse / nodeBB / Flarum

(DjCyry) #1


Well , after few months of testing , installs and unninstalls i’ve decided to install on my community : discourse .
Another 2 platforms are good but not enought , discourse is very pro .

What do you think about this 3 platforms ?

In my opinion , nodeBB its complicated to install updates and plugins , and you will get some errors always .
The another , Flarum its also a good platform but…still beta after many months .


Flarum is still beta, yes, but I like the fact that the software takes a lot less resources (memory in particular). I’m interested to see how it will do in the coming year. Php7 will start to mature perhaps in time for flarum to go with a stable release.

I think if you’re interested in getting something setup for stable production today, the only real choices are Discourse and NodeBB. Out of the 3, Node was the only one I had issue with trying to install and properly configure, but to be honest I lost interest and didn’t really put in the time to stick it through.

(DjCyry) #3

With nodeBB i have few problems : setup , configure , install plugins and/or edit theme .
And finally , lost interest for nodeBB .

In discourse is very simple and lite , you can install it very easy , configure it and edit themes …so discourse . :slight_smile:
I think also that the most used/famous is discourse , i am wrong ?!

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Definitely interesting to hear that we are considered much easier to set up than NodeBB.

(DjCyry) #5

Its true , at least for me and my skills , which are …basics . :smiley: