Discourse::NotFound error when clicking bounced email type

(Christoph) #1

Under /admin/email/bounced when I click on any of the email types (last column), I get a modal saying:


Not sure what would be the expected behaviour. I was hoping to maybe get some more details about the bounce reason, though I assume that that information is not part of the sparkpost webhook anyway so I’ll probably have to look those up on the sparkpost website. (It would be great, though, to have that list of bounced emails link back to sparkpost…)

(Felix Freiberger) #2

Possibly related to this bug affecting the Rejected tab:

(Matt Palmer) #3

In general, you’re supposed to get a dump of everything that’s wrong with the e-mail when you click on that link. However, the feature was built with only direct incoming e-mail bounces in mind. My surmise is that the sparkpost webhook isn’t properly populating the bounce data. I can’t say that sparkpost bounce handling is a high priority, so it’s likely that this won’t get fixed in a hurry unless a PR is submitted. That goes quadruple for making sparkpost bounces link directly back to sparkpost – that’d definitely be a fiddly job, that we on the core team couldn’t even test, because I don’t think we’ve got a sparkpost account anywhere to play with.

(On a purely personal basis, I don’t think ESP integration really belongs in core; providing those features as plugins would make more sense to me. But that’s not my call to make)

Display more info about greylisted emails (under bounced)
(Christoph) #4

Okay, so that means things will be solved if I set up this?

(Matt Palmer) #5

Yes, direct-delivery incoming e-mail, if you also send bounces there, will properly populate the bounce information. It’s how we do all our incoming mail handling for our hosting, so if you do see problems, we’ll be in a much better place to reproduce the problem and fix it.

(Christoph) #6

In addition to following those instructions, I suppose I need to make sure that bounce emails actually do get sent to my server, right? Because I do have a bounces domain that points to sparkpost.com (CNAME). I have no idea how bounces work, but I have a feeling that I should make sure that subdomain points to, well, where should it point?

(Matt Palmer) #7

Bounces go to the regular reply-to address (just with a different style reply key, to distinguish them from replies). So as long as that address goes to your Discourse mail-receiver, and not to sparkpost, all will be well.

(Christoph) #8

on this page it looks lije they’re saying that setting a bounce domain will rewrite the reply-to address. It says:

By using your sending domain as your bounce domain, you can customize the address that is used for the Return-Path header (which denotes the destination for out-of-band bounces). This bounce domain overrides the default Return-Path (also known as the envelope FROM) value of “sparkpostmail.com” for all messages sent.

So I suppose that means I just delete that CNAME entry to stop the overwriting?

However, if it is true, as they say on that page, that having a bounce domain increases your chances of delivery, is there a way to have that added layer when using direct delivery?

(Matt Palmer) #9

I have no idea how sparkpost works. You may get a better answer asking them.

(Christoph) #10

Here is what sparkpost support said when I asked them if I need to delete the CNAME DNS entry for the bounces sub-domain in order to be able to handle bouncing emails myself i.e. via discourse:

Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to have the bounce messages point to a discourse endpoint.

Hm. :thinking: