Discourse on Packager.io repository

(Aizan Fahri) #1

Has anyone ever seen or bumped into this Packager.io before? When I was wandering around on the internet I found a project called Packager. What it does is that it packages the apps, for example, Discourse and GitLab, pre-compiling it and then it is readily available on the Packager’s repository (in the sense that you can just install it with sudo apt-get install command). For example:

sudo apt-get install discourse

Isn’t that cool?

I wonder if Discourse team has plan to simplify the install process as easy as this, I mean by having a PPA for Ubuntu users specifically to install Discourse without relying on Docker image. It would be a killer feature, no doubt.

Here’s link to Discourse on Packager.io. By the way, the author of Packager.io did mention why he made Packager. Bet you wanna give it a read.

(Aahan Krish) #2

From the looks of it, the current installation process using Docker is a lot more simpler.

(Aizan Fahri) #3

Correct me if I am wrong. Docker needs KVM or Xen-based VPS. Based on pricing, OVZ-based VPS is cheaper than Xen or KVM. So I guess by using the Packager.io it eliminates the need for Docker, and indirectly it favors OVZ-based VPS to deploy the Discourse easily rather than doing it from scratch.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Docker is not KVM or Xen it is filesystem based virtualization, much faster, less resource intensive. Requires only a modern Linux kernel and a modern Linux distro. I suggest learning more about it.

We only support docker based installs. So choose alternatives at your own risk, and do not expect any help for other kinds of deployment other than what you can generate yourself.

(Aizan Fahri) #5

I tried installing Docker on OVZ-based VPS but the installation failed. I figured out the problem is that Docker inside OVZ cannnot (sort of) activate the cgroup (and yes, outdated kernel). Googled for the answers, apparently we can’t install Docker inside OVZ.

Okay I think we are safe to stop here because I think this thread is more or less going to discuss about Docker, KVM, Xen, and OpenVZ. So if I can re-state my suggestion, it would be great if Discourse dev team can come up with similar installation strategy by using the distro’s package manager. Since you’ve pretty much answered my suggestion, hope that Discourse dev team can consider it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Sam Saffron) #6

It is impractical for us to spread our efforts in such a way, Discourse is made out of lots of pieces and maintaining a package to put it mildly would be a royal nightmare.

(Aizan Fahri) #7

I see. If that so, I will just stick with the officially supported installation strategy, Thanks for the feedback tho