Discourse on Raspberry Pi 4?

Since the Newer Raspberry Pi 4 meets all of the minimum requirements and now supports Docker, would discourse run? Would it run for a small community? Or would there be problems later?

This is already discussed in other topics, did you try searching?

Discourse isn’t supported on ARM, and the Pi4 still isn’t adequate:


All that said, give it a go and report back?

I think for Dev it makes more sense.

Running a community on a local install is a pretty poor idea. Where is your failover? How about your uplink bandwidth? Yuk. Terms of service from your ISP? Cost of business class internet connection?


maybe a small company runs their own nextcloud locally so its not that far fetched. But still, its probably best to use something x86 based in that case. Maybe an old laptop will do.

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If you want to make discourse run on a pi as a parlor trick, then go for it, but an old x86 machine is going to be a more feasible actual solution.