Discourse on verification email showing 80 port


(Noor Qureshi) #1

hi when ever users signup the email template is like this: https://forum.thehacktoday.com:80/users/authorize-email/4eb26ef18939c3f5324740c23611139

where it should be forum.thehacktoday.com not including port 80… please guide me? im using amazon aws with bitnami…

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

How did you install discourse? Did you follow the install-cloud instructions?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #3

Bitnami installs are unsupported.

Please reinstall Discourse using the official guide.

(Noor Qureshi) #4

EC2 from aws.amazon.com ubuntu AMI… Bitnami Based.

(Matt Palmer) #5

You’ll need to ask Bitnami what craziness they’re engaged in.

(Felix Freiberger) #6

…or simply backup your data and reinstall with the instructions @pfaffman linked to – this issue seems to be very specific to Bitnami installs, so switching to the supported Docker setup should resolve this.

(Noor Qureshi) #8

dose the amazon aws has docker with discourse?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #9

You can install our Docker install on any compatible provider, be it either Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine, Amazon AWS EC2, Amazon AWS LightSail, Digital Ocean Droplets, etc…

(Jay Pfaffman) #10

Though my standard install is on Digital Ocean, I also offer a custom install. If you create an Ubuntu 16.04 host with at least 1GB of ram on AWS (and most anything else) I will install it for you according to the official guide.