Discourse on Windows XP?


I am hesitant to post this bug-report, since it comes from a user that uses Windows XP and Opera 36 - He claims it’s is what he has and cannot do anything about it :stuck_out_tongue:

It has worked well for him up to a couple of days ago. Now the forum doesn’t render properly because of a javascript error. I’ve attached some screenshots he sent me - he is not very tech savvy so I guess I was lucky to get those :slight_smile:

I am guessing only the first, third and last image is of any use…

I debated whether to post at all, but I thought I might as well let you know (since it has been working for him)…


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Neither Google nor Mozilla support XP anymore. Well, even Microsoft jumped ship. So I don’t see Discourse keeping support for it.

The user can disable JavaScript to use the read only UI, or update the OS.

I wonder if we should try to show the js less to deprecated browsers automatically. Probably not worth the effort


Yeah, the curious thing is that it worked for him until Saturday…

He says he’s getting a new computer, but I’ve pointed him towards some newer browsers that will run on his XP machine until he gets the new machine (there are several: UR Browser, Pale Moon, Midori and a few others)…


I had a user report the same thing to me. She uses WinXP with Chrome and somewhere between last Monday and this past Saturday, she couldn’t see any topics in the listing. She can reply to topics by email and can go directly to a topic via an email link, but she’s pretty much knocked out of the forum - and she’s a Mod! :roll_eyes: She’s definitely overdue for an upgrade.
I’ll relay the bad news.