Discourse Plug-ins : Where to start?

(Gregory Reyes) #1

Hey, people of Discourse!

I use your awesome forum software at the company I work in and I’m looking to grow it in terms of tech support and tech engagement. I realised that you have plug-ins available? I’m not really tech-savvy when it comes to programming, coding, etc. and would like a crash course on how to use these plug-ins (think Discourse Plug-ins for Dummies). Would you guys be able to recommend what kind of plug-ins are good to start with? Thanks!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

A good start is a search in the #howto category.

(cpradio) #3

Honestly, you are going about it all wrong. A need should dictate the use of a plugin. Do not install a plugin hoping the need will become obvious.

(Gregory Reyes) #4

You’ve got a good point. The current forum we run is mostly for tech support but would love to engage with the users as well to discuss the app we have and how to improve it. Is there a plug in that filters topics between support and discussion for example?


Wouldn’t you just have them in a different Category, like they do here?

Your approach, as per above, should be to stick to vanilla install as much as possible and only if you absolutely need to extend the functionality, include a plugin. That way you minimise bloat and optimise stability. Plug-ins are great but there is less guarantee of longterm support so use them at your own risk.

Take a look at the Q&A plugin:

Also the official Accepted Answer plugin:

(Gregory Reyes) #6

This is awesome! Thank you for this. I was also wondering is there a way to “beautify” the look of the forum? By adding banners, themes, and the like?


For sure. Out of the box you can change the colour scheme. You can also use the Customize - > Themes area to add HTML & modify the CSS. You can build things in Components and plug them together like ‘Lego’. Very handy. There is a ‘banner theme’. Finally there are plugins that change the view like the Topic List Previews plugin.

There are guides on here covering all of this.