Discourse Push Notifications for Desktop

Because you get “desktop” notifications out-of-the-box, so the need to get notifications WHILE chrome has zero tabs navigated to the Discourse site is considered an edge case and anti feature to some people.


Is there a way to have notifications show up by default, or somehow have the user grant permission without going into their Settings? They may not dig into it but most people would like to know when someone replied to their message.

Can not be done, users must explicitly allow this feature, that is a browser restriction, nothing we have control over.

Otherwise you would navigate to a bunch of sites and suddenly … pop up central would start to happen.


If “discoverability” of the feature is your main concern, you can turn the setting push notifications prompt so users will be prompted to enable push notifications when they first post.


Discourse has a feature which shows push notifications already on Desktop also.


  • Should I still consider using this plugin? :confused:

Read this:

If you want notifications from your site in desktop while nobody is navigated to your site to work, consider using this plugin.

Facebook do this, for example, out-of-the-box and it is horrendous.


Everything is awesome. I have one little concern that we shouldn’t receive continuous a push notification for already read messages.

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Trying to get this going. The first time I enabled in my admin profile, I believe I saw a 403 error. Subsequent times I can enable OK (at least no error), but when the page is reloaded the option has been disabled again. Am I missing something? Thanks!

Isn’t this enabled by default on the latest Discourse version?
Or should we install this plugin separately even if we are on the latest version of Discourse?

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I’ve enabled push notifications on my discourse forum (as an admin).
And I’ve accepted the chrome prompt in Android mobile to receive my forum notifs.

Yet, neither I receive any live/push notifs while I’m sitting on pc/browsing thru Firefox (doesn’t matter if my forum is open in some tab or not).
Nor do I receive any type of notif in my android mobile. Am I missing something?

every forum user browsing my forum on Android mobile Chrome browser gets a prompt to enable push notifications, which he does, and accepts the prompt, yet no notif.

I’ve enabled ‘Push Notifs Plugin’ as shown below.

But I still get push/live notifs on desktop ONLY when the forum is open in some/one tab. If I close my forum from all tabs of my browser/firefox latest version, no notif would be received.

And, as discussed in previous post, on mobile no notif is received ever (even though Android Chrome is correctly configured to send/receive push notifs for this/my forum).

Yes, this is the same behavior I’ve long observed. No push notifications unless the forum is open on a tab.