Discourse Push Notifications


(Alan Tan) #202

Something like

      - cd /var/www/discourse/plugins && git clone https://github.com/discourse/discourse-push-notifications
      - cd /var/www/discourse/plugins/discourse-push-notifications && git reset --hard 2bdf7ab52f6fc85c286f6cbfaf125c4f7a3172b28

(XP) #203

Instead of sending a notification request alone, why not with an intrusive inline popup explaining why exactly is the notifications needed – that it’s better than email notifications (less spammy) and work like phone push notifications to alert users of new replies?

I’m sure after the user read the inline popup, it’s very likely he/she will be convinced to enable browser notifications if he/she is faithful to the forum.

(Fajfi) #205

Which tree is working with the newest discourse version?

I’m getting this error:

'subscribe' on 'PushManager': The provided applicationServerKey is not valid.

I’m on: 2bdf7ab52f6fc85c286f6cbfaf125c4f7a3172b2.


I had to deactivate this plugin after I updated to the regular release 1.8.11 because of the above mentioned incompatibility…

I don’t see any update after 5th December on github. :confused: Is it safe to be activated again? Have the problems been fixed?

(Alan Tan) #207

The plugin is 100% compatible with the 1.9 release as we’ve been using it on meta and our internal forum for awhile.


Once i hit DiscoursePushNotifications::Pusher.push(User.find_by(username: '<your username>'), {})

[1] pry(main)> DiscoursePushNotifications::Pusher.push(User.find_by(username: 'DBM'), {}) => nil [2] pry(main)>

i got NO any notification for testing purposes on my website.

EDIT: Anyone else having the same issue? (Also i’m not seeing the Push notifications working by me at all.)

(Kane York) #211

You may have triggered a policy violation in Chrome, because the push message was processed without generating a notification. You’ll need to disable and reenable notifications in your settings: /my/preferences/notifications


Checked it, 2x times reseted everytthing. 2 Browsers Firefox and Chrome… i just dont recieve notifications. (Also i created new account to test it out fresh) - also not giving sign of life (atleast for me) , or maybe im running command wrong? DiscoursePushNotifications::Pusher.push(User.find_by(username: 'DBM;'), {})

(Sora &\) #213

i wanna get notification every new topic, all topic new post or new comment
all of category, all of tag. Sumary, all new in Discourse will show notificaiton for on mobile Android.
How can i setup it?
Thank you Discourse!

(Sora &\) #215

How setup notification smartphone when a new topic be created?
Curent only notification when comment my topic or tag me!

(Alan Tan) #216

You just have to set your notification level to watching for all categories.

(Sora &\) #217

Teach me, where please
i seel only here

(Alan Tan) #218

All the way to the right

(Sora &\) #219

I select watching but effect only Category, about all of subcategory not notification to me.
How notification all of subcategory when watching main Category?
Thank you!

(Mittineague) #220

Another way is to go to your Profile Settings Notifications. (you can open the hamburger to see the categories) Start typing a category name and when you see the badge for it, click it, same for tags. Don’t forget to Save. eg.


(Jeff Wong) #221

Are there any error logs when you try and subscribe? It could be related to a similar bug that was fixed in core. Logging out, logging back in, and re-subscribing should fix it if it’s the same one.

(Felix) #222

Doesn’t seem to be working with iOS after a recent update. The whole Page does not render, if Display user consent prompt is enabled.

(Jeff Wong) #223

Strange, I haven’t seen that on any of the devices I’ve been testing with. Can you see any errors that you could share?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #224

This never worked with iOS, only Android phones support the Push API.

(Felix) #225

Yeah, but after the update the whole page is not even rendering if the mentioned option is active. This is what a friend of mine using iOS sent me: https://i.imgur.com/T2UYnJN.jpg

He tested it on multiple iOS devices in multiple networks, all of them just got an empty page.

Edit: It is NOT related to safari, using chrome on an iOS device results in the same issues.