Discourse Push Notifications


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #248

That was exactly what I suggested to @featheredtoast!

I think we can check the current user post count (Discourse.User.current().post_count + Discourse.User.current().topic_count) and show the banner when it’s > 0 to get a JIT banner.

(Jeff Wong) #249

OK, I’m convinced - let me make those updates, and let’s see how that feels.

(Jeff Atwood) #250

Do you want push notifications when people reply to your posts? Enable           :x:

Does “push notifications” mean anything to anyone? It is technobabble. We need another way of describing this.

(Jeff Wong) #251

Do you want notifications when people reply to your posts? Enable :x:

is another possibility, and simply striking “push” from appearing on the UI. This kind of wording also would mean that it’s even more necessary to have a single “enable notifications” button, rather than two.

The other thing bubbling in my mind is that the “notifications” link could be a link to their user notifications preferences, which could help new users discover preferences.

(Michael Howell) #252

pop-up notifications

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #253

:+1: to both!

What about Safari? Can we hide the standard notifications for everything but Safari Desktop and show only push for everything else?

We should stop our desktop notifications code asking for permissions where push is enabled too.

(Jeff Wong) #255

Both suggestions are done via:

I’m going to see what I can do about better integration with the desktop notifications today.

(Cameron:D) #256


I think a surprising number of people will know what push notifications are, though I feel like they’re more likely to associate them with their phone (which is okay if they are using one), moreso than a desktop (if that’s what they happen to be using).

That may cause confusion, because if they click no then they’re still going to get a notification in their notification menu, just not a desktop/push one.

What about after they click yes (or no) the message changes to something like
“Okay, you will/won’t receive notifications when someone replies to you. You can change this in your preferences at any time”
and link to the notification preferences.

This sounds rather invasive, reminds me of normal web popups.

(Jeff Atwood) #257

Let’s go with live notifications here since I think that communicates the intent better.

They DO get regular notifications so saying “notifications” alone might be kinda confusing IMO … you already get notifications, tons of them, it’s a question of how they are delivered, and how quickly.

(Andy at Focallocal) #258

i think pop up notifications are an excellent idea if they come with simple tools for the user to specify when, like a tick box list

[ ] live

summary of any new notifications:
[ ] once an hour
[ ] no more than twice a day
[ ] every morning
[ ] every evening
[ ] twice/ week

once a week on:
[ ] monday

(Carson) #259

Hi, does Discourse’s hosting service use a third-party vendor for push notifications? If so, what are the privacy policies for that vendor?

For instance, OneSignal offers a free push notification service, but they are quite clear that the service is free because they resell the member data from the related activity to marketers.

In advance, thank you for help with an answer or even a proper phrasing of the question as I try to make sense of what is (for me) foggy terrain.

(Jeff Wong) #260

The Push Notifications as they are implemented are relying on your browser’s push server. The 3rd parties handling the push notifications are Google (Chrome), Mozilla (Firefox), Microsoft (Edge), or any other browser vendors that implement the push protocol (VAPID). The plugin itself does not depend on any one vendor.

As part of the protocol, the payloads themselves are encrypted: While the browser vendors will be able to collect metadata such as IP addresses, and message counts, the actual contents of the messages cannot be read.

(Carson) #261

Hi Jeff, thanks! Does that also apply to the Discourse app?

(Jeff Wong) #262

That only applies to this plugin, but the native Discourse apps also receive their notifications through their respective (OS) vendors:

Android app is through Google

iOS notifications are delivered through Apple

(Carson) #263

Hi, does that mean that push notifications are delivered according to Google’s privacy policy here? https://policies.google.com/privacy/partners

E.g., the push notifications are delivered for free, but they are collecting member data to improve their ad network.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #264

I doubt it. Firebase (the successor to Google Cloud Messaging) appears to have its own privacy policy. Google’s primary privacy policy states that it applies to all products unless they have their own policy. Firebase privacy information is at Privacy and Security in Firebase  |  Firebase.