Discourse sends email about a topic to a user who is watching the category

(Lê Trần Đạt) #1

One of my members complain that my forum keeps sending him a lot of email about topics regardless that he has never read any of those topics.

I’ve check his setting and the emails sent to him as describle bellow:

  • This is his email setting:

  • I tried to log into his account and find that he has never view a topic “Khai báo một vector kiểu struct”

  • But he recevied an email from this topic

And nobody in that topic has mentioned him.

(Sam Saffron) #2

Is he watching the “programming” category?

(Lê Trần Đạt) #3

Oh yeah, he is watching it.

How can I help him unwatch a category? Nevermind, I found it in reference.

But I suggest we should let user click on “Watching” again to unwatch it.

(Mittineague) #4

Isn’t that what clicking on Regular already does?

(Lê Trần Đạt) #5

I’m not sure about that. If I don’t choose to config anything. Regular is unchecked.