Discourse Set Up and Maintenance

(MAR) #1

Hello Discourse Community,

Hope this reaches you well. I am wondering if there is anyone running multiple discourse sites for various organizations? Are these all separate instances ? or can you maintain these on a server and upgrade simultaneously, provide single sign-on across multiple instances?

(Stephen Chung) #2

Apparently, you can run multiple Discourse instances on the same server – search Meta. There are lots of info on this. I haven’t tried it though; I use separate VM’s for each forum.

Even if you put all the instances into one single server, I suppose you’ll still have to upgrade them one by one… so probably not much of a time saving here.

SSO is a completely separate issue which is unrelated to how many servers you have.

EDIT: Remember, each Discourse instance includes its own database and Ruby/Rails, so you’ll need [n] times the amount of resources on the VM for [n] instances. If you use separate VM’s you can use the cheapest VM size for each.

You can spin off the database into its own container, thus saving some resources, but then this is a very advanced installation.

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

Yes, you can run a multisite configuration, where many Discourse instances run on a single web server. You need a separate database for each. They all share the same plugins and mail configuration, but other than that, they are totally separate. This is the way that discourse.org hosts their standard and business customers.

You can configure one Discourse to be the SSO master for another.