Discourse showing on mobile, not on desktop after cleanup/resize

(Carey B) #1

My forum was down all last night, showing a “502 Bad Gateway” error. Last time this happened I ran a cleanup and the forum returned. Did the same today, as well as shutting down the droplet and resizing it at Digital Ocean…

Now the forum is back up, but only for mobile users, not desktop.
Any idea why that would be happening?

(David Taylor) #2

Seems to work in safe mode. Likely a plugin or theme is causing an issue. Since it’s only an issue on desktop, maybe you have a “desktop only” thing in a theme that’s broken.

(Carey B) #3

Thanks so much @david. I entered under Safe Mode but am unable to access/disable plugins from there so I can get desktop running again. Not sure what to do. Suggestions?

(David Taylor) #4

I think it’s a theme rather than a plugin. In safe mode you can leave the plugins enabled and it works fine.

Try entering safe mode, going to the admin panel, Customize Themes.

The easiest way to disable everything is probably to click “new” at the bottom, then check “Theme is enabled by default” at the top.

That will temporarily remove all the branding from your site, but hopefully it should at least load, so you can troubleshoot more easily.