Discourse smtp server email per hour set?

(Tumi) #1

Hello guys . I want to use my private email service. Can i use a limit to send email max 400 per hour ? How to do it ?

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

400 per hour is a fair amount of volume. I’d say that if you exceed that limit that it’ll be time to change to a different mail service.

(Tumi) #3

yes man thats why im asking HOW to set this limit in discourse script . Can i do that? I want to send max 400 email per hour only .

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

You can set max emails per day per user to 1 and set disable digest emails to true.

(Tumi) #5

What is this ?

I can set number of max emails 1,2 or more yes?
Can i set max email per hour ?
Can i set max email per user group / trusted lvl /somethink else ?

And last question . How many mail users will receive btw? What it depends on > -_=