Discourse stopped running if I choose user preferences setting - Consider topics new when "I haven't viewed them yet"

(Love Chopra ) #1

I have 8k topics in my discourse instance, I want to mark all those topics as ‘new’ which I have not yet read, but when I am selecting a setting under Profile -> Prefrences - > Consider topics new when -> “I haven’t viewed them yet”

After selecting this option only 13 topics appears under ‘New’ tab and after that my website stopped working then I have to restart my discourse instance again. Please help how can I resolve this problem

(Sam Saffron) #2

“I haven’t viewed them yet” == “they were created after I registered my account”, if they predate that you are kind of hosed.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

There is an older bug on this, we do need to treat it as someone joining the site on that day when they toggle that field. Because obviously if you join the site 10 years into its life you can’t expect that all topics pre dating your arrival would be unread.