Discourse style guide (themes/skins)

(AstonJ) #1

Is there a style guide or blog about skinning DC anywhere?

I think I am gonna convert one of my sites as it’s currently fairly close to a DC forum (a custom Rails twitter-like-forum).

Are all modifications done via CSS only? Or can we change the underlying mark-up?

Any tips or guides on styling would be greatly appreciated!

(Salman, Freelance Developer) #2

You can change the CSS or inject some markup for the header.

Pretty much beyond that you will have to get your hands dirty.

(AstonJ) #3

Thanks, what does getting your hands dirty involve?

(Salman, Freelance Developer) #4

I just meant that if you want to customize beyond what you can do using the built-in settings, you will have to create a plugin or customize the view layer (emberjs templates etc).

(Dan Dascalescu) #5

I saw this in the Discourse 1.0 announcements notes:

E-Z themer plus UI for it, to style your Discourse without touching any CSS

Maybe this has become the Customize -> Colors option?

(Kane York) #6

Yes, that’s correct.