Discourse Suddenly Returning 502 Error

I tried searching but came across mostly issues after an upgrade or issues with memory or disk space usage. I don’t believe these apply here.
I’ve been having issues suddenly today after making a post on my forums. Things suddenly started spinning and the server started returning a 502 error. I’ve tried doing ./launcher rebuild app which seems to work successfully but the server still doesn’t respond when accessing via HTTP.
Docker is running at 1.1% CPU and 39% MEM. I have 40 GB free space available on the disk.
I’ve tried restarting the server itself and running apt updates with no change.
I’m running in AWS and my load balancer in front of the server will see a healthy target after I re-register the EC2 instance but once I try to hit it via HTTPs it seems to die out and return 502 after that point.
Anyone have any advice on something I can try to get it working or further troubleshoot?

Do you have a link to your community? I’d be willing to see if the issue happens on my end.

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Can you share your app.yml plugin list and check the logs under /var/discourse/shared/standalone/log/ for clues?


I haven’t the slightest why it was giving me issues all day but seems to be working now. Maybe it was just my own connection for whatever reason! Thanks for the responses.