Discourse System automatically re-deleting "undeleted" posts

Bit of an odd one which I’m not sure whether is a bug or intended behaviour. I don’t know where to start trying to reproduce this.


Three months ago, one of our forum members went and withdrew all of their posts. This broke the flow and content of a large number of threads and removed information which Solved other member’s issues.

I picked through the deleted posts and individually “undeleted” those of real value, then the account was anonymised as this was the user’s real goal.

Expected behaviour

Undeleted posts should remain visible.

Actual behaviour

System re-deletes the undeleted (but previously withdrawn) posts every 24 hours, even when the posts are locked.

As you might imagine, this is a bit frustrating. If Staff or an Admin undeletes a post, it should probably stay undeleted, and (guessing at a possible cause) reset whatever automatic deletion flag has been set on that post.

How many posts are you talking about? Deletions are rate limited.

53 posts (spread over ~45 threads and about a period of 18-24 months).

Edit: to clarify, they were deleted on or around the same day. I don’t think I can get a specific date/time as the deletion date is now set to that when System re-deleted them.