Discourse tagging pluging improvement

(Junaid Mailk) #1


I am working on migration of vbulletin to Discourse. We have decided to convert our 4 Level categories from vbulletin to 3 Level in discourse by converting 2 Level in categories and 1 level as tag. We have also created 2 level of categories in discourse, now going to start work on topic import with tag. I have explored the discourse tagging plugin with discourse v1.5.3 but we found following limitation in it. What are you thoughts on it.

All tags are displayed without selecting any category, this may confuse user. In our opinion, tags should be loaded on selection of Level 2 category. Is discourse team have any plan to work on this issue?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

There has been tons of work on tags recently, @neil can advise.

(Neil Lalonde) #3

This topic covers most of the improvements added for tags recently:

(Junaid Mailk) #4

Thank you very much @codinghorror & @neil. These changes sounds very great, i will give a try to discourse 1.6

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