Discourse to handle all user logins for my website


(Arthur P.) #1

I’m in the process of releasing my site with Discourse as the primary discussion area.
I currently manage and store all user/login info using LAMP as securely as I can.
My 2 questions are:
(1) Could I have Discourse handle all the user/login info instead? If so…
(2) Is it possible for me to create/store/modify custom user information in Discourse so that I can pass/handle that data back to my site?
The user data I’d like Discourse to store (and for me to retrieve) are my own things like user scores, gifts, virtual monies…etc, which I have special code in place and integrated to my site already.
The reason for this is that I feel Discourse adds a superior login layer of security than my own.
I’d also like to have just one user profile location instead of two.

Any information or advice to lead me to the right direction would be great

(Arpit Jalan) #2

Yes, see:

Yes, you can create custom user fields from /admin/customize/user_fields.

(Arthur P.) #3

Excellent! I have my work cut out for me now. Priceless user comment about the nonce. Thanks for a swift response techAPJ!