Discourse Training offer a certificate of participation or does it issue any proof of knowledge in using Discourse?

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  1. It would be really cool if we had a Discourse community certificate for people interested in talking about what’s new in Discourse. I don’t know if you guys know, Evernote has a program for people who are Evernote experts or want to be Evernote experts.
  2. This program is interesting because it helps people learn more about the tool on a daily basis, as well as tutorials and exclusive tips.
  3. Recently I read about Discourse Training, I believe that Discourse training would be to train users to know more about Discourse. I don’t know if Discourse Training offers a certificate of participation or a certificate that says that the person is an expert in Discourse like the Evernote I mentioned.
  4. My question is, does Discourse Training offer a certificate of participation or does it issue any proof of knowledge in using Discourse?

my references - I read these topics and didn’t find information related to my question


  • If anyone can read and pass the feedback I would appreciate the contact.
  • I’m interested in learning more about Discourse
  • The central idea would be to have expert consultants from Discourse
  • My purpose in this post is not to promote Evernote, I would like to know if Discourse has a certificate of participation for those who join Discourse Training. Or if there is any certificate that proves that the person who participated in the Discourse Training is an expert in Discourse. Or even if you guys have any idea today or in the future of having a specialist Discourse consulting program like Evernote.

The answer is in the first link.You get a badge, depending on your level.
You can show people you’ve got the badge and then they will see it as a proof of knowledge and experience.


I’m from the time when everything was paper, usually you received a pdf that said “Congratulations you participated in this training, here is the link to the pdf for you to print”. So, thanks for the feedback. I really didn’t see that from the badges.


You can always make a screenshot of the badge, print it out and then hold it up in front of yourself and take a selfie :wink:


@RGJ Could you clarify my additional doubts?

  1. Is there any way to import these new badges into LinkedIn?
  2. Have you guys ever thought about using open badges?


Open Badges: Image files that contain verifiable information about learning achievements, Open Badges are based on a group of specifications and open technical standards originally developed by the Mozilla Foundation with funding from the MacArthur Foundation. This seems like an interesting initiative for you to have some things that prove your knowledge. I don’t know if Discourse has implemented open badges yet.


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@osioke I recall @angus mentioning something like this, you both know more about this stuff than I do.


Adding open badges to Discourse is an interesting idea. I’ve mostly been working with Verifiable Credentials, which involve a bit more than open badges (e.g. verification and selective disclosure), however open badges may have the advantage of being more lightweight. Not that they’re mutually exclusive concepts

I suspect there would be various grant programs to support the development of open badges. If you were to find such a program, Pavilion would consider making an application for a Discourse implementation.


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