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  • Each post is only translated once per locale which saves you :moneybag:
  • Access Token is cached server side for faster translations.
  • Translations are rate limited to 3 per minute (Could be made configurable)

Translation Services Supported




  1. Subscribe to the Microsoft Translator API on Azure. Basic subscriptions, up to 2 million characters a month, are free. Translating more than 2 million characters per month requires a payment. You may pick from any of the available subscription offers.

  2. Under Admin > Settings > Plugins, enter the subscription key that you’ve obtained from the steps above.

  1. Under Admin > Settings > Basic Setup, enable allow user locale.

Google Translator

  1. Go to https://console.developers.google.com

  2. Click on My project

  3. Click on the :heavy_plus_sign: to create a new project

  4. Enter your project name and click create

  5. Select Enable API and search for Google Cloud Translator API. Look for the enable button and click it to enable the API. Note that there is no free tier for the Google Translator API so it may prompt you to enable billing.

  6. Once you’re done, click on credentials in the left menu

  7. Click create credentials and select API key. Copy the API Key and paste it into the translator google api key site setting.

Known Issues

  • Does not translate text within polls generated by discourse-poll plugin.
  • Images are enlarged upon translating.


  • Allow admin to set quota and disable translation once quota has been exceeded.
  • Disable translation for private messages???

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