Discourse update Rebuild issue


Running Discourse 2.6.0

Our team authorized a cmdline upgrade. After running git pull tried to rebuild ap.

The error said some of the commands are using old methods and needs to use updated version of commands.

Otherwise rebuild completes and claims is running but isn’t. We had to restore a backup.

How do we update the rebuild script?

Only extra plugin installed is retort. I read someone had something maybe similar running stable and resolved by switching to test passed. However this didn’t work.

Can you please paste the log output here?

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Not sure can get to log. Where is it located? And will see if can get it. Thanks

It’s impossible to tell for sure without seeing the long, but from your description. . . Don’t worry. Those are warnings and are expected. The Team will update those things before it’s an issue.

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Sorry I meant it said in the rebuild needs to be ran different. If you can point me in the direction of the log will post it.

I have my own server to test things on but is not part of the company I help out. It has been running Test passed version since setup and has had 0 issues with the commandline update when notified in the dashboard.

Other than the commands it said were depreciated didn’t see any errors I had recognized.

If you can tell me the log location and name. I will post it for evaluation.

We had to restore a backup as the site said it was running after upgrade/rebuild but couldn’t access it.

@Falco. Is there a log file location and name that I can upload or do I need to rerun the rebuild ap and capture the output?

You’ll need to rebuild and contrive to capture the log.


Is contrive a different command? Or just copy paste the screen output? My apologies and thanks.

I had thought there might have been a stored log of previous attempt somewhere.

There are many ways to save the output of the script. A screen capture is difficult because the output is very long.

It is not saved by default.

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What is the best way to have it log output?

Been awhile. I think if I recall in DOS one could use something like

Command |Filename.log

I believe ./launcher rebuild app > filename.log should do it

edit. well no, some output is redirected but not all of it :thinking:

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Perhaps try

./launcher rebuild app > filename.log 2>&1

Thanks @Benjamin_D. & @Ed_S ! Will try this and post results after our sheduled time to try and upgrade today or tomorrow.


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