Discourse User Interviews

(Ben Hamner) #1

Do you do any form of user interviews at Discourse (e.g. to establish personas, to see how people use the current product, or to evaluate upcoming product features)?

If so, how do you do them and how helpful do you find them?

If not, why not?

(Sam Saffron) #2

We regularly monitor our active sites, both @codinghorror and myself monitor the “meta” category across a very large amount of discourse instances.

We find that the best kind of feedback we get is by observing the usage of our product in the wild and interacting with our customers and users.

We don’t develop features using “persona”, we flesh them out here on meta.

I guess the best way for you to get a feel on how we work would be to read through a bunch of stuff on meta, look at the spec category, look at some popular features and so on.

(Ben Hamner) #3

Thanks @sam! That’s very helpful. We’re starting to be much more intentional about how we’re doing feature development at Kaggle, and wanted to learn more how products and teams we respected approach it.

When you’re interacting with customers/users, is that primarily through discourse itself, or is a substantial component of that through face-to-face interaction / phone conversations?

(Sam Saffron) #4

Our vast majority of interactions are through Discourse itself.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

You know what Kaggle needs? A Discourse instance to have these kinds of conversations with your customers, and each other!

But seriously, how you interact with your customers is proof of many things. There’s nothing I love more than picking up some useful suggestion here on meta and using it to make Discourse better, together.

(mountain) #6

What is a persona in context of this topic? I honestly don’t know and would like to.

(Michael Downey) #7

We are always getting feedback from our site’s users, and I aggregate it here and complain. :wink:

(Dave McClure) #8

Here’s a link discussing the use of personas in the field of user experience design:

Adding a link to part 2 since I had to google for it (doesn’t it annoy you when multi-part blogs don’t link forward to the next part?)