Discourse version upgrade from 1.6.3 to 1.8.0

(Junaid Mailk) #1

Hello Guys,

We want to upgrade version of Discourse to latest one. Assume we are using docker installations. Could you please guide us the right article from following list? We have done some customization in code and we can handle them while updating the code of Discourse. Thanks


(Ionuț Staicu) #2

This one should work:

(Daniela) #3

The first thing, take a full backup of your site (/admin/backup) and download it in a safe place (just in case).

Then your upgrade will probably fail because you have postgres 9.3 instead of postgres 9.5, take a look here

The best solution (for me) is to completely reinstall an upgraded version of Discourse and his requirements and after import the backup. Or upgrade your site with the help of an expert like @pfaffman (https://www.literatecomputing.com/).

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

Modifying Discourse code directly is strongly, strongly frowned upon, for precisely this reason - it makes updating Discourse a pain. Please extract your changes into a plugin, that way you can update your site regularly (and be sure you get security releases) which still keeping the changes you made. If you are unable to make your changes in a plugin, feel free to make a post in #dev with the details.

(Junaid Mailk) #5

Thank you so much guys @jomaxro, @Trash and @iamntz. Your replies are very helpful.