Discourse versus Oracle RightNow

(Craig Oda) #1

More stories from the trenches today. There I was at a well-known financial transactions company, advising them on community strategy, which includes social. As most of you know that sell community implementations to corporations, there are some pretty humongous problems with attempting to use social for marketing, especially Twitter.

Anyway, I don’t want to rock the boat and am trying to figure out how to blend Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn into a cohesive marketing strategy. Once again, it’s starting to look like they’re going to need a type of forum.

I’ve already been pushing Discourse to a large semi-conductor company and my business partner thinks I’ve drank the kool-aid, so I back off and start with the easy questions about what they’re already using. I’m relieved that they’re not using Jive. yes! Hey, they’re not using Lithium! Yes! They show me this forum that actually looks pretty decent. I think, OK, we’ll just use this for the campaign.

Then, all of a sudden, the client mentions they’ve got some licenses from Oracle. Oh no, I think, the cost will kill the campaign. I then ask the obvious cost question and realize that the system costs money per 15 minutes of use per user.

I’m starting to think that this will be problematic and set up a meeting with their web and analytics guy. I find out that they’re using Drupal as the CMS, the open source free version. OK, I think this should be an easy matter to use the Drupal forum module. After 15 minutes, I realize that this isn’t moving forward because of lack of IT resources.

So, I’m back to Oracle RightNow. I’m interested in comparing Discourse to Oracle RightNow, the forum piece. The feature set looks pretty similar at first glance. RightNow is a big software platform. The piece I’m looking at is only the forum functionality. Does anyone have experience with RightNow?

I find it interesting in corporations that engineering handles the support forums and marketing often handles the forums that deal with usage.