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(Kyle Risi) #1

Hi Team,

I have installed the Discourse Voting Plugin from Github, I can access and customise the settings for the plugin, however the instructions state to enable voting for a category, I should head over to the category in question, click setting and there should be a checkbox which I can enable to activate voting for that particular category. However, there is no checkbox to be seen on my implementation.

Does anyone have andy advice on how I can trouble shoot this issue?

Many Thanks


(cpradio) #2

Just to confirm, you enabled the plugin via Admin > Settings,
Then went straight to a category to enable it for a category right?

Can you refresh the page to ensure it loads all assets again? Then go to the Category Settings again?

(Kyle Risi) #3

Hi cpadio,

I installed the plugin over a week ago, Yes I can confirm I have refreshed the page, also cleared the cache and carried out a hard reload, still nothing :sob:

(Kyle Risi) #4

Hi team,

I am still having issues with this, can anyone help?

Kyle :sunglasses:

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Sure! Just sign up for an appropriate hosting plan at https://discourse.org/buy and we’d be happy to help.

(Kyle Risi) #6

:thinking: Why would I need to do that? If Community access is dependant on the purchase of a hosting plan then I would suggest this be made clearer in the “About us” section.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Perhaps you can be patient and wait for community support, then, as you work towards solving your own problem? Otherwise if you need special priority support, the traditional way to handle that is by paying.

(Kyle Risi) #8

What a strange thing to say :thinking:. Posting a nudge in order to extend reach is not an unreasonable thing to do Jeff, it’s not as if I reposted 5 minutes after the original post was created.

(Sam Saffron) #9

Your nudge was 12 hours later I am sorry but that is naggy… this topic is going on ice for a week

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