Discourse Vs MUUT vs other

(Mick Coll) #1

I really like Discourse… a lot, and I want to use it in a project but I find the journey to activation pretty intimidating / frustrating. As such, in the project I am building I chose MUUT as the forum. It was literally setup and installed on the site in minutes.

The project isn’t live yet so the choice of forum isn’t set in stone, but is there no easier way than renting a server and booting up docker instances etc to get discourse into my project? Have I missed something? I realise there is a paid hosted solution but $100 a month might as well be $100000000 a day for how realistic it is to this project.

If MUUT can do so much, so easily, and for free… why can’t discourse? Discourse and MUUT seem to be the only players on the field right now in terms of next gen forum software but MUUT makes it so easy for people, I don’t see how discourse can thrive, which is a shame as it is my preferred product.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

MUUT is on-page embedded comments, like Disqus. It’s not really the same thing as Discourse.

There is a $99 one time Discourse install option on the buy page:


(Jens Maier) #3

TL;DR because Discourse is open-source.

Muut is only free as long as you don’t want any of the so-called “advanced” features.
Want to take a break for a month and leave your forum in someone else’s hands (by giving them admin rights)? That’ll be $16 (because only the Mini package supports multiple administrators). Want to appoint a few moderators to handle your growing community? Great, that’ll be $36 (because only the Small package supports moderators). And that’s per month, of course.

Meanwhile, you don’t own anything. Not the content your users have generated (that’s in the Enterprise package!), and certainly not the source code. If you want to add a feature, or install a plugin, you’re fresh out of luck.

Neither of these is the case with Discourse. By downloading Discourse from Github, you automatically get an open-source license to use and modify the code in any way you see fit. The forum you’re setting up will be yours, to the degree your local laws permit and your users agree to.

However, all that has a consequence: namely that you’ll have to operate the forum yourself, including the server. You’ll have to spend a day or two to learn a few things about Linux and virtual servers and SSH and SSL certificates and maybe even a tiny bit Ruby, but if you can do that you get a beautiful forum that’s really, truly yours for free – except, of course, the server hosting fee. :wink:

(Mick Coll) #4

Thanks Elberet, that was a really good answer.

(Jason Wojo) #5

I’d say that is selling Muut a bit short. Muut is both comments and forums. It is definitely made to live on your site and plays well with Wordpress, including single-sign-on support. Muut has realtime threaded discussions, but discussions can also happen as comments on a post. It uses a pretty intelligent url hierarchy system to get discussions or to post them.

It also is lightweight javascript and you can see your post as you compose – just underneath instead of next to the text box.

I think both have positives and use cases. Discourse has better features for reading and is likely better for long conversations and exploring. Muut is great if you want your users within another environment (like a Wordpress site) and aren’t comfortable with spinning up your own server and managing your app and environment.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #6

My impression of Muut is that it’s ideal for blogs & article sites that have the potential to scale up to become a small-sized community, with maybe 2-3 stand-alone (not linked to an article) threads popping up per day.

If you know of some large scale Muut communities I’d love to see them.

(Caue Rego) #8

What do you mean by large scale? Isn’t muut’s forum itself large enough?

I like the comparison that muut is to discourse like squarespace is to wordpress. Muut even talks to squarespace and discourse even talks to wordpress! :smiley:

(Mittineague) #9

Do you consider 4 posts today, 3 yesterday, 1 the day before and none the day before that “large scale”?

(Caue Rego) #10

Oh, my bad. I’m new to muut, I just saw 2448 on the bottom (which I think it’s the number of topics) and almost 1k users online and figured it was quite big. But now it says 32 users… Quite small indeed.

(Rick) #11

My friend is always on this forum and it’s super active

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #13

Thanks, that’s very interesting. It’s clearly closer to Reddit than Discourse; 99.9% of every reply is a one-liner paragraph.

(LHeerden) #14

It’s clearly closer to Reddit than Discourse; 99.9% of every reply is a one-liner paragraph.

That’s highly forum specific. The corresponding thread on their forum sports some marathon replies, and in the education circles where Muut is supposedly hot the posts are not only one-liners.

(Jens Maier) #15

It’s still far, far to the Reddit side of the discussion vs. commenting spectrum.

That topic view has no discernible structure. No indicators who’s replying to whom. There’s not a single visually distinct quotation. People’s posts get truncated, often right where they are trying to make their point. Oh, and it looks like a huge freaking wall’o’text.

If this is an attempt to nurture a discussion… well, good luck with that.

(LHeerden) #16

I personally do not find text detrimental to discussion.

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(Caue Rego) #17

Oh, and here’s “other”. It’s called Flarum. To my very biased point of view, muut and flarum are the main 2 competitors of discourse today: