Discourse vs PlushForums and IP Board

(John Redding) #1

I’m interested in feedback on IP Forums and Plush Forums - and in parallel comparisons with Discourse. On Jan 2 we are doing a 1 day “whats it do test” to see if Discourse meets, doesn’t meet or exceeds our needs.


I’m not really sure what types of answers you’re expecting. What exactly is your question? What feedback are you looking for?

It’s hard to answer general “give me feedback” type questions. It’s much easier to answer “I use this specific feature of this specific product. Does Discourse offer something similar?” type questions. Post screenshots or specific use cases whenever you can.

Of course, the best way to answer your questions is to just try it yourself. I would give yourself more than a single day though.


Don’t waste your time with plushforums.

(John Redding) #4

Thanks Kevin. Your comments, without doubt are sage. At the moment I’m wearing my CEO’s hat and not my Engineer’s hat. The CEO’s hat seeks stuff that is really great (for public facing forums) and that works right out-of-the-box, hence with very minimal time expense bring it up and going live with it or otherwise re-do expense as needed if we change forum software. Of course, as a novice its a crap-shoot. Yes 1 day is very minimal. Ihope it will however materially improve my short-list. Many thanks, John.

(John Redding) #5

Many thanks. I very much appreciate your comment. I won’t invest a day with it. - John.

(Régis Hanol) #6

Would you mind explaining why?

(John Redding) #7

I am happy to answer “Why”. However, please let me know what part of this discussion you would like me to focus my response upon. Thanks. John

(Jeff Atwood) #8

He was asking why from “inputusernamehere”, as shown here:

(John Redding) #9

Sorry, I was puzzled by inputusernamehere because my name appears on the post.