Discourse was just upgraded to Rails 4.2

(Sam Saffron) #1

Now that our release is out the door I am taking the time to upgrade our dependencies in our Gemfile, first up is Rails.

This is rather delicate work, I need to make sure we do not regress significantly on performance. Rails 4.2 upgrade work all happened about a year ago, big thanks to @chancancode :heart:

Ever since I originally blogged about this: Speeding up Rails 4.2 a few more improvements have been made. Perf is way better memory wise and performance is closer.

Rails 4.1.10 Rails 4.2.4
Mem Usage (PSS) 207K 185K
Latest 59ms 60ms
Categories 77ms 86ms
Topic 22ms 23ms

Test was performed using Ruby 2.2.3 and Discourse bench

The biggest perf casualty is the categories page, we will continue to work with the rails team to improve perf here. Nonetheless, I wanted us upgraded since Rails 5 is around the corner and we can not be clinging to the past, now is the perfect time to be upgrading.