Discuz! X Importer

(Erick Guan) #1

Discuz! X is extremely popular among Chinese forums. Here is the import script. Thanks to @neil’s phpBB 3 Importer.


Edit the discuz_x.rb file to change the MySQL connection info and path information.

And to convert the bbcode to markdown, you can use @neil’s edited ruby-bbcode-to-md gem.

In a temp directory:

git clone https://github.com/nlalonde/ruby-bbcode-to-md.git
cd ruby-bbcode-to-md
gem build ruby-bbcode-to-md.gemspec
gem install ruby-bbcode-to-md-0.0.13.gem

I usually edit the gemfile to add the local ruby-bbcode-to-md and mysql2 gem.

Then run the import, from the discourse root directory:

bundle exec ruby script/import_scripts/discuz_x.rb bbcode-to-md

A little Chinese notice / 中文帮助