Disentangling Discourse from Subdomain

(Ivan) #1

Hi guys,

Our use of keeping our instance of Discourse up (~3 years), has come to an end.

What I’ve done so far is remove the subdomain that Discourse resided on from our DNS, and the message “This site can’t be reached”, now shows. However, I feel like this is only a temporary solution, because if we were to point the subdomain to the same Droplet (we use DigitalOcean), our Discourse would go live again.

So… Could anyone please let me know what the next step(s) would be, to fully remove the connection between our subdomain and Discourse?


(Michael Brown) #2

3 years! :heart:

So you have a self-hosted installation that you now want to decommission permanently?

Presuming that the ONLY THING on this droplet is Discourse, you should:

  • download a backup from the site (including uploads) so that you retain the data in case you need it in the future
  • back up the configuration from the /var/discourse directory
  • destroy the droplet

(Ivan) #3

Hey Michael,

Thanks for your reply.

We actually have other things like Wordpress on this Droplet. I may have used the wrong terminology by saying instance.

In any case, my understanding is that it’s hosted in a Docker container. Would it then be changing something in app.yml?


(Jay Pfaffman) #4

If you want to just make Discourse not start up anymore, I think this should do it for you

./launcher destroy app

You could also

cd /
rm -rf /var/discourse

But if you do that before destroying the app, you’ll need to destroy the container using docker commands.