Disk gets full after every few weeks

(Prateek) #1

My little discourse forum (with 10 GB diskspace) usually takes around 4 GB space + i have a 2 GB swap space.

After every few weeks, the disk gets full and the site hence crashes. I’m not sure if something makes the logs full, or some other reason.
I currently run ./launcher cleanup and it cleans a few GBs, and makes things back to normal. Is this happening to everyone, or it is just me?

Any suggestions?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Have you done a rebuild in the last week or so? If not, do one.

Also use ncdu to find where all the space is being eaten

(Prateek) #3

hi Sam,
Yes, i did a rebuild when i last updated this week. I’ve already run cleanup today, so can’t do ncdu now.
But the next time this happens, i’ll do the ncdu and post here.

(Spooky) #4

is rebuild necessary after each update? I haven’t done it after the last update

(Sam Saffron) #5

no, but occasionally you do need one.