Displaced preview window in Firefox

(Joe Seyfried) #1

This is odd: Firefox seems to have a problem with the preview window.

See the attached screenshot - same here and on my testing area for my forum.

Safari+Chrome are fine. WT*??

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Can you repro it here or on try.discourse? I can’t…

If not, then it’s maybe due to customizations or overridden CSS/HTML on your site.

(Joe Seyfried) #3

i.e.: Meta. Shall I have a look at try.? Edit: the only thing that might be different could be a German OS version (but not browser version in my case, however). But I guess that can’t be it…

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Any plugins? I definitely could not repro in Firefox latest on try or here.

(Joe Seyfried) #5

Me again - more oddness incoming: if I disable the float: right property of preview-wrapper regular, it looks like this (still borked, but a bit better anyway):

I will try with all plugins disabled, no add-ons, just standard stuff…

(Joe Seyfried) #6

Here we go:

…same sh*t. Sorry. :frowning:

/update: v33 does the trick for me - my team member uses v32, however. Can that be the culprit?

(cpradio) #7

What is the width/height of your browser?

(Joe Seyfried) #8

Browser size: anything from tiny up to 1920x1080 full screen - same. Zoom levels have no impact either.

(cpradio) #9

What version of Firefox? and what Operating System? I’d be willing to give it a quick test on Windows 7 if I have time.

(Joe Seyfried) #10

Hypothesis: versions <33 fail on Mac OS X.
Confirmed fails for v32 and 28.

(cpradio) #11

Ah, okay, as it doesn’t happen for Firefox 33 on Windows 7. I don’t have a Mac, so that limits my testing abilities. I can try Linux later when I get home.

(TechnoBear) #12

It’s not happening to me with FF33 on Ubuntu Gnome.

(Joe Seyfried) #13

Nope, 33 is working all right. Looks like 32.0.3 is fine, too - have to investigate what my team member uses, but he’s reported this with a v32 FF.

All right: version 28 seems to be the last one that breaks the preview box. Grab one here: Directory Listing: /pub/firefox/releases/28.0/ (or change the minimum browser requirements… :wink: )

(Joe Seyfried) #14

On Windows 7, v28 breaks, too:

Note that while v28 sounds oldish, it really is not, since 24 is one of the current ESRs of Firefox.

What might help, though: my team member used that Firefox version before - so one of the last Discourse updates must’ve broke things for that version of FF!

(Joe Seyfried) #15

Same with the new version. I’ll file a bug report now - :neutral_face:

I will try to find out if this is a regression.

(Kane York) #16

I have experienced this bug before, and I know that I deleted some CSS rules as a workaround to get it temporarily usable.

Don’t remember the circumstances, though.

(Jeff Atwood) #17

It is likely these are bugs in that version of Firefox. I don’t feel this is our bug, so closing.

(Jeff Atwood) #18