Display a banner for one group

(Slevin Kelevra) #1

Hi guys,

i was trying to add a banner on my forum just displaying for one group.

I tried to put a topic which was in a closed category to global banner but this one could seen by everyone , so that’s not a good working.

Did you have any idea on how to get a global banner just shown for one group ?


(Jay Pfaffman) #2

I just checked on my system. If you pin a topic it will show up at the top of the topic list for those who have read-access to the topic.

If you make it a banner, however, it displays for everyone, regardless of their permissions. It is not clear to me whether this is a feature (if you didn’t want everyone to read a topic, why did you pin it globally?) or a bug (why let people see something in a category they don’t have access to?).

Will pinning it not accomplish what you want?

A violation of permissions seems a little like a bug to me, though perhaps it’s a feature request, as it does not interfere with use and this seems to be an edge case.

(Slevin Kelevra) #3

On my forum, i have a main group, and i want to show on my home forum page a banner with an info for this group only, not for all. This not need to be a topic where users need to answer. So just an admin message maybe.