Display Discourse In Wordpress Sidebar

(TheBurningMan) #1

Is it possible to display discourse widget in website sidebar means in widget section.
See this plugin - Discourse Widgets — WordPress Plugins
I failed to installed it.

(Evgeny) #2

This widget works. If correctly to specify in its parameters the address of your forum (with the / at the end). I didn’t understand in this file, but judging from the code, it will not be displayed to all users, but only administration. You can try in the file itself, at the very end to change that.

function discwid_register() {
register_widget( 'discwid_widget' ); // add
if(current_user_can('administrator') ) {  //???
    register_widget( 'discwid_widget' );

I have a website for test integration. There, the widget became visible to everyone.