Display Member Alpha + Phone Number

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Everyone in my Discourse community of 150 knows each other in person and meets face to face over the course of the year. We have created custom fields, including, phone number. I would like to display an alphabetical directory with a few custom fields, e.g. phone number.

Does anyone have any strategies to get this done? I see that there might have been a plug-in at some point.

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There is no way, at the moment, to add a User Directory.

The plugin that you linked from was superseded with the development (about the same time) of the ‘Users’ page which gives useful information on participation in the community, but doesn’t allow any custom fields to be added

There are issues to deal with regarding privacy, security, and also SSO (since larger communities will actually store user information on different sites), so it is not a straightforward project.

You could always add your voice to this topic that pops up from time to time - you never know, if there is enough interest someone might develop a plugin that could suit your needs?