Display name(s) other than username?

(Stephen) #1

I’m currently using discourse to setup a forum for a group of role-players. Each player could have a various number of ‘in-game’ characters. Is there any way to provide alternate display names (and avatars?) on a per post basis?

Ex. UserA has two characters. CharA and CharB. This user would like to start a topic as CharA and respond to his own topic as CharB as though those characters are having an ‘in-game’ conversation? Is this possible? Should I consider developing a plugin?


(mountain) #2

I like this idea! But yeah, this would be plugin material methinks.

(Kane York) #3

I think your best choice here is to tell your users to set up browser profiles, one per Discourse login, then mandate that they put their character names / “real account” names in the “About Me” (which shows when you click the avatar).

Edit: Make sure to have fast user switching enabled in chrome://flags if user switching is 3 clicks instead of 2

(mountain) #4

That is similar to a certain SMF mod. Instead of using Chrome, SMF allowed a user to link accounts together and switch at will.

But agreed that Chrome makes this easier. After I finish re-building my current fan site I do plan on rebuilding my personal domain name with another Discourse install and have RP opportunities on it. The biggest thing is that the admin knows who is who to prevent abuse. That is manageable with the private profile notes plugin by @lightyear .

(Stephen) #5

@riking While this is certainly something that could be done, it’s clunky. And since the web application that is being developed along side of it will enable multiple characters per account, I’d like to make discourse the same. Having numerous accounts is not going to probably work.

@purldator I figured the plugin route would likely be the best case, I’ll explore my options with this. I’d also show account names with the character name, to help prevent abuse. Display names would also have to be unique, so others can’t masquerade as other characters.

(Kane York) #6

In that case, I think the best course of action would be to:

  • Add a endpoint that does the same as the admin Impersonate feature
  • except use a per-user whitelist of usernames that can be used
  • with that whitelist forming a “complete graph” for every RL person (riking1 -> riking2, riking3; riking2 -> riking1, riking3; riking3 -> riking1, riking2)
  • and add a custom UI to use it somewhere. perhaps in the user menu at the upper right.

This would require a Ruby + JS plugin.