Display Succinct Tag List on Home Page


###Display Succinct Tag List on Home Page

I would like to prominently display a succinct list of most popular tags on my home page. I would like to be able to specify how many of the top tags to display. Of course, the tags need to be links. Something like this, but nicer:

docker x 136
email x 114
plugins x 86
sso x 78
javascript x 67
api x 49
badge x 47
keyboard x 38
markdown-it-review x 38
admin x 36
markdown x 35
import x 33
tagging x 33
wordpress x 32
css x 29

Can this be done now? If so, please provide details. I’m a Discourse newbie.


(Mittineague) #2

Hi JMichaelTX welcome to the forum

I don’t understand what you mean by “on” the “home” page.
(got a mock-up?)

Maybe a nav link to Discourse Meta would do?

Would the dropdown be good enough?


Sorry, I thought that was a common term.
The “home page” of any web site is the main, or first page displayed when you visit the web site.
So, for this site, it would be:

What is the proper terminology for the main page of a Discourse web site?

No, a nav link or dropdown will not do. I want the user to see this list immediately when they land on the page.

Can it be done?


(cpradio) #4

You can make the /tags page the homepage… That is a site setting.


Thanks, but that is overkill.

Here’s what I’d love to show:
Lists of:

• Popular Tags (top 15 tags for # of topics assigned to)

  • Hot Topics (top 15 topics by number of views)
  • Announcements (just a few, < 3)
  • Resources (about 5)

And then descriptive sections for:

  • Purpose of this web site
  • Getting Started

I’m brand new to Discourse forum setup/moderation. So please pardon my ignorance. If there is a good setup guide that addresses these questions, please point me to it.

Many thanks for your help.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

No such layout exists; you’d need to build a whole new plugin to accomplish that.

In general Discourse is not a “configure this arbitrary stuff to appear in this web panel” CMS type of system; it’s more of a purpose built system for discussion.

Adding custom settings
(Mittineague) #7

Actually, the “home” page here is "Latest"
Which ever is first is (usually) the “home” page.

But you can also redirect to Top for some


OK, thanks for clearing that up. Not what I wanted to hear, but better to know it now than later. :smile:

Any ideas/suggestions for creating a more prominent display of popular tags on the home/landing/latest page (the page the user first sees)?


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #9

If you really want it you can always add a static html list at the top of the latest page with the customization options.

You just need to update it whenever you fell like.