Display the cumulative number of likes a user has received

(Andy at Focallocal) #1

Discourse is recording the number of likes each user gets. is there any way to display this cumulative number when users are logged in, something like Reddit does?


You could point them at /users. Or hamburger menu - users. Or /users/YourUserName/notifications/likes-received.

Or are you meaning have it display on every page in the userbar like Reddit?

(Mittineague) #3

I know @Alavi1412 was working on a plugin to display total likes on user cards

Last time I tried it, it worked well.

(Andy at Focallocal) #4

ideally the latter, although i’m new and the users page is useful thanks for sharing

(Andy at Focallocal) #5

thanks. doesn’t appear to be active. hopefully the developer gets your tag and replies :slight_smile:

(SMHassanAlavi) #6

in summary you can find almost everything about an user, included received like.

(Andy at Focallocal) #7

yes, this is almost what i’m looking for. just want it displayed in the navbar all the time, surprised no-one has added that as its a simple community encouragement tool