Displaying sub-categories in boxes

(Neil Lalonde) #22

@Trash No. :blush: I’m going to look at it now, and add the colour to the “boxes” style too.

(Neil Lalonde) #23

The two box styles should be more consistent now, with colours and same title style.

(Pad Pors) #24

Awesome feature :smiley: thanks.

a simple issue which is is customizable via admin panel also:

for the ltr languages, the color badge of the subcategory is in the left while it’d be nicer in the right:

in the category page the color badge is correctly in the right side of the category box, and this can follow the same rule.

(Neil Lalonde) #25

@Pad_Pors I fixed that today, so it will work by default without customizations. Thanks for reporting it.

(Alex Armstrong) #26

There’s a visual bug if you include an @mention in the description:

That should have read:

Discussions of the E-Resources Committee (@eresources-cmte).

(Neil Lalonde) #27

@alehandrof Is it something in your custom theme? I can get word-wrapping mentions in the description without a problem.

(Alex Armstrong) #28

I do have some custom CSS, but I removed it and I still get the same visual bug. I’m on v1.8.0.beta11, however.

(Jeff Atwood) #29

Time to

(Alex Armstrong) #30

Will do and report back. I managed to break my dev instance in the process and have to fix it first :slight_smile:

(mattdamod) #31

Hi @Trash :slight_smile:
I’m strugglingh to get my existing images to render the full width (see pic). Do I need to resize the pictures? If so, what is the potimal size?


(Neil Lalonde) #32

@mattdamod The images have a max height of 40px, so the width will be changed to keep the same aspect ratio. You can add some custom css for .category-boxes .category-box .logo to change the size however you need to.

(mattdamod) #33

This has helped! Excellent! Thank you :slight_smile:

How do I get the mobile version to ignore these changes though? The mobile site looks awful now lol :slight_smile:

(Daniela) #34

Add your new CSS only on the Desktop tab (not in Common or in Mobile)

(mattdamod) #35

Thanks, @Trash. No such luck I’m afraid. I have entered only in Desktop. Is there something in this code that could be overriding it do you think?

(Neil Lalonde) #36

To target desktop only, add .desktop-view to the start of your css selector.

(Fer Nando) #37

Can i put boxes for category index wich any hack? For all main categorys, not only sub

(Neil Lalonde) #38

No, there’s no way to easily display the /categories page with the box style.

(Alex Armstrong) #41

Hey Neil. I updated my development copy of Discourse (after some hiccups) to v1.9.0.beta2, but I’m still seeing this:

My update script is this:

git pull
bundle install
bundle exec rake db:migrate

(It’s for my Vagrant copy.)

What else can I try?

(cpradio) #42

That looks like a customize CSS issue around mentions. Can you supply us with the relevant CSS?

(Alex Armstrong) #43

I don’t think so. Here’s the same issue with a new blank theme (and therefore no customizations):