Displaying sub-categories in boxes

(cpradio) #44

Can you right click on the mention and choose Inspect element, and play with unchecking some of the styling to see which one is causing the issue?

(Alex Armstrong) #45

Huh. I thought I’d done this and couldn’t figure it out, but this time I think I got it.

It’s caused by these lines from category-list.scss, L90+:

&.no-logos {
  .category-box a {
    padding: 3em 1em;

Based on the selectors, I guessed the issue didn’t appear at Neil’s example because he had a logo.

Here’s what it looks like over here, if I add a logo:

Interestingly, adding a single logo fixes all the boxes!

(Neil Lalonde) #46

Aha, I can reproduce it now. Very weird.


(Tobias Eigen) #47

I’m trying out displaying sub-categories in pretty boxes now for the first time on my site, to create a wiki. It’s a beautiful feature and I like it! However, a few issues I am confronting:

  • the boxes are not displaying for anyone but me. I don’t understand it - everyone else just sees the regular category view with the latest topics.
  • is there any logic to which featured links are displayed and their order? and is it possible to change the number of featured links?

Thanks for any guidance. :seedling:

Displaying sub-categories in boxes - only works for one user, me?
(Paul Dorneanu) #48

Hello everyone. I have a new setup of Discourse and I am trying to locate these settings, but can not find them.
Are those available by an extra plugin?


@spooky As per the first post they are in the settings section when editing / creating a main category - what do you see in this area?

This is standard and not part of a plugin.

(Paul Dorneanu) #50

oh… ok, I was looking in settings, main setting, not under A specific category settings. Thanks :roll_eyes:


Can you share the CSS code to add Font Awesome instead of the logo? :grinning:

(John ) #52

Is it possible to have an [i frame] underneath these boxes. For instance if I wanted to put an interactive D3 graph (in html) to create some functionality of the “box” -graph I am not a coder but looking to get something like
Boxes (with hover)
but was looking to add some interactivity (can be done if iframe I think

any suggestions

(Prot) #53


Unfortunately, the “Settings” menu is now changed and I cannot find the sub-category option in order to make sub-categories into boxes. Can you please tell me where is this setting in the new Discourse admin menu? I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Thank you!


(Chris Klugewicz) #54

It’s not in the Admin menu, it’s in the Settings for the category you want to change: go to the category, tap/click Edit, then go to the Settings tab.

(Prot) #55

Thank you! It worked!

(mattdamod) #56

Oh man, somethings changed and I can’t figure this out. Ok, so I was using images to act as a header for a category (see pic). But for some reason, recently the image has shrunk and I can’t get it to fill the space anymore!

Please help!!