Distinguish "site_name" (brand of site) from "title" (SEO-optimised text in <title> tag)


I have a forum title that’s tweaked for SEO purposes:

I only want this to appear in the HTML title tag

Elsewhere, I’d like “SE23.life” to be shown in any content visible to members (across the site, and in email notifications).

So, I tried Admin > Customise > Text Content, where I hoped to replace instances of the %{site_name} token with “SE23.life”

Unfortunately, Discourse wouldn’t allow me to do this :frowning:

Would it be possible to introduce a new setting, so that I’m able to separately customise the HTML title and the “site name”?

(Felix Freiberger) #2

Don’t do that. If you want to replace basically every occurrence of the site name, you’ll be in for quite some time – simply set your title setting to SE23 Forum.

If you really, really believe in the SEO value of stuffing keywords into your title, look into writing a small plugin to change the title in the crawler view that is served to search engines (and users without JavaScript). But I’d recommend that you skip this step and instead spend this time on trying to foster an amazing community :sunny:

(Kane York) #3

You can also put the “Forest Hill & Honor Oak” in the title of your pinned “Welcome to the site” topic.


“SE23 Forum” would be a reasonable SEO title but the brand I want users to see in site content (and emails) is “SE23.life”

The title and the name of the site are two different things, with different uses.

It’s important to get keywords into the HTML title:

Fostering a community requires first attracting a community. And Google is important for that.

(Felix Freiberger) #5

We’ve seen so many things that people claim are crucial for SEO (many of which contradict what Google itself has to say) that most of the team seems to be very hesitant about implementing features just for purported SEO benefits.

If you deeply care about this kind of change, I’d recommend that you implement it as a plugin yourself, post your budget in #marketplace or purchase hosting with Discourse.org so the request can be prioritized :slight_smile:


When I changed my title to optimise for search, I saw my Google rank vs. my nearest competitor improve dramatically overnight. My 1.5 year old Discourse forum is now #1 in Google for “SE23 forum” - relegating the other SE23 forum, which has been running since 2002 and comprises tens of thousands of pages containing “SE23 forum.”

The HTML title matters to search engines

On the other hand, if you can share some counter-evidence regarding HTML titles for SEO I’m interested to hear.

For now I have a very simple and fundamental requirement that would benefit my forum and others in terms of usability, branding and SEO.

If you speak for the team, then I’m keen to discuss further with you via PM.

If not, let’s wait to hear from the team themselves.

(Felix Freiberger) #7

Well, @codinghorror liked my reply above, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you, but if you want – feel free to wait for a more official reply. You’ll have to be patient because the team is on its yearly meeting.

(Evgeny) #8

title - important, but we must take into account that the search algorithms are a complex mechanism. No parameter is considered without the other value. If we take a value in the title, we need to ake into account that, these values are written elsewhere on the page using the h1-h6 tags

If we look at different pages, we will find that some do not have a page title at all (h1-h6) and there is no static description of these pages, and there are only dynamically changing names by that it can not be the basis for the relation of the description tag to the body of the document.

For example, on this page, the search engine sees an ideal solution. title=h*
But there are other pages:/latest e.t.c.

For search engines, the site is apparently used:

Those. we have a number of pages that are not very well described for search engines. That will definitely affect the overall ranking of the document under other, equal conditions.

On each page should be and title and h1-h6. And a static text.


In /latest this is not at all.