Dns lookup failure

(Serge Vodwood) #1

Greetings to everyone!
Having a bit of trouble getting my domain name to resolve my discourse installation.

This is probably something irrelevant to the discourse application per se, but:

  1. Deployed discourse in the cloud (Beginner’s Digital Ocean using Docker guide)
  1. Redirected site.ru and www.site.ru to f.site.ru (followed howto guide on single/multiple domain(s) redirection exactly)
  2. Configured dns records:
    site.ru A (my droplet IP)
    www.site.ru A (my droplet IP)
    f.site.ru A (my droplet IP)

Is this actually the correct way of doing things?
The weirdest thing is that the site.ru did resolve for a while (all good with a redirect to f.mysite.ru), but now i just have a dns lookup failure.

Using Amazon’s Route53 for dns management.

Should I just wait a couple of days for dns to update or have I done something terribly dumb?
Would appreciate any advice!

(blaumeer) #2

For 3: You should query the authoritative name server and check that the domains resolve to the correct IPs. If the records are correct, perhaps they have not been propagated to your local DNS server, check the TTL to see how much is left before a refresh, e.g. using dig:

(Serge Vodwood) #3

Thank you! The records were all fine and it works like a charm now. Looks like it was just a result of switching back and forth from Route53 (my dns manager of choice) to DO’s (dysfunctional) dns manager and back again, thus a long TTL. I just lack patience.