DO droplet vs backend storage size


Is there any reason my Digital Ocean account shows that I have 30GB available for use, but my backend shows that I have just over 4GB available for use?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

What do the Unix command line disk space commands tell you?

How many backups are stored in your backups tab?

There are several topics here on recovering disk space from Ubuntu auto updates, old Docker images, etc.

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

Did you figure this out?

./discourse-doctor will provide some of the disk space info you’d need.


I did a little more searching on the forum and found how to recover space. I was able to access 8GB free which enabled me update the versions.

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

Hmm, so discourse-doctor should have told you to reduce the number of backups and

./launcher cleanup



I actually had one backup by that time. It’s old docker images and I think Ubuntu updates.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #7

./launcher cleanup doesn’t remove backups.


I used this, can’t remember if I used other commands.

apt-get autoclean
apt-get autoremove
cd /var/discourse
./launcher cleanup

(Jay Pfaffman) #9

Right. That was two suggestions. One to reduce /delete backups and another to cleanup.

If Launcher will do the cleanup, so maybe just the backup trim is all that the doctor should recommend.